Decisions, Decisions


Dear Lady Love,

I started seeing this guy (guy #1) in September (roughly) and maybe a month later one of my best friends started liking him too. We both have been OK with each other liking the same guy. Recently, I started to notice this other cute, shy, guy (guy #2) that was in one of my classes. I don’t know if I “like” this other new guy or if he is just someone I think is cute. I feel I should stop liking #1 because if I do have feelings for #2, I shouldn’t be allowed to try for both lol..  Also,  if I were to stop trying for guy #1, I know I would get utterly heartbroken to see my best friend end up with one of the guys I really liked. HELP!!!! Advice, please!

All Mixed Up

Dear All Mixed Up,

I’m only left to guess but when you say, “I started seeing this guy in September” I assume you both said you like one another (at some point) as I don’t think you are actually “dating” but (sometimes) you still wish he were your boyfriend? It’s fine for you and your best friend to have a crush on the same cute guy if neither is serious, but if one of you really starts to like the guy (which it seems like you had) and he chooses one over the other, it might cause some hard feelings, that’s why they call a crush- it can crush you and your feelings like a steamroller! Something to think about.  You probably will have many crushes before you start to get a lot more serious with guys! You can also “allow” yourself to possibly like someone else. If you like him and he feels the same, eventually, that will come. You said you didn’t care if your friend liked #1 so do you REALLY like him? If your friend and this guy end up liking one another, ask yourself, “Do I like him or am I upset because I liked him first, now he likes her?” Maybe you should talk to guy #2 and get to know him. If he’s shy, you never know how he feels. He may like you and is too shy to let you know.

Bottom line- have fun and enjoy yourself! Guys will come and guys may go but true friendship is forever!

Candy hearts and hugs,

Lady Love




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