Hi Lady Love,

So there was this guy I knew since freshman year of high school and he was a junior. Over the summer he came to my house and we went swimming and after we went swimming, we went back inside, talked, and finally, he kissed me. He was moving my butt up and down and then all of the sudden I was on top of him. He continued to move me up and down for a little while. What was that? We both still had our bathing suits on and also he said next time he would bring a condom.  And then three months ago he said maybe one day you could come where I live and watch Star Wars. Do you also think it would be just Star Wars? Your thoughts, please. Why was he at my house and moving me up and down on top of him?


Totally Confused

Dear Totally Confused,

I see no one has had a talk with you yet about sex. You may want to talk to a parent or other adult you feel comfortable with. This boy wants to have sex with you and even told you next time he would bring a condom (at least he practices safe sex!). That’s why he was rubbing against you and you had not heard from him since the summer because he didn’t get what he wanted but is willing to try again. No, he doesn’t just want to watch the movie and if you want to save yourself for someone special (which I hope is your choice) this is probably not the boy for you.

My advice is become more educated about human sexuality and wait to date a boy that likes you for you; your personality, your mind, and not just your body. Hold out for someone that cherishes you!

Smile because you’re special,

Lady Love

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