Sweet Words and Valentines

Today, valentine cards with scribbled notes to classmates will be opened by innocent schoolchildren,  family members will share dear thoughts with loved ones, and lovers will pour out their deepest feelings, for some, feelings that may go unshared throughout the year. On Valentine’s day, roughly 150 million cards are shared.

The oldest remaining valentine was written in 1415 by Frenchman Charles Duke of Orleans, written to his wife while he was imprisoned in the tower of London. Written in French, the translation of what he wrote in English is, “I am already sick of love, my very gentle Valentine.”

The first valentines were sent in the 18th century and were homemade. Some were decorated with flowers or love knots and contained handwritten poems. They could be found on door knockers or were discreetly slipped under doors of those who captured their heart.

The popularity of sending valentines blossomed and grew in the Victorian period. England started producing Valentine day cards in the 1820’s and the first valentine received in the U.S. was received by nineteen-year-old Esther Howland in 1847 in Worcester, MA., who in turn, created the New England Valentine Company that produced valentines for the next 30 years (love to my native N.E.)!

Valentine’s Day Cards have been expressing deep sentiments for many years and still remain popular today. At times when one can not find the words to say, have love in their heart that needs to be expressed, or want to put a smile on someone’s face, the card may say it best. Handmade cards will continue to remain utterly romantic.  Tender thoughts, words so carefully chosen, an expression of creativity and true beauty from deep within, never dismiss the power of a homemade card.

To all my single ladies and gentlemen- let that crush know you exist- work it! Go out with your single friends tonight and have fun! Just keep trouble at bay! 😉

Readers, throughout the year and on this very special day, tell those you love, you love them in many different ways. One thing you will never regret is sharing all the love you hold in your heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Lady Love

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